2. Methods

Equipment List 1 Blender
2 Small Mortar and Pestle
2 Moulds, one for shaping and one for measuring
6 boxes to hold the material
1kg of clay
0.5kg of granite to get ground
0.5kg of woodchips
0.5kg of sand
5 hot melt glue gun sticks
1 wood saw
3 pieces of chipboard

Making Bricks

1. To make the bricks, we need to get the clay and the reinforcer in the correct ratio.

2. Then we will knead it by had on the table in order to mix it thoroughly.

3. The mixture is now firmly pressed into the mould in order to give the brick a uniform shape.

4. The mould will later be disassembled in order to acquire the moulded brick mixture.

5. The moulded brick is now placed in the oven and baked for 20 minutes at a temperature of 170 degrees centigrade.

6. The now hardened bricks are removed from the oven and are ready for testing.

Getting Results

Using clamps and a drill from the lab, the brick will then be clamped and drilled. We clamp the brick down firmly to avoid additional vibrations from changing the results. We then drill into the brick at maximum speed while recording the time taken to drill through.

Pictures of our bricks

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