4. Discussion

TestControlClay and Wood(2:1)Clay and Stone(2:1)
Clay, Sand, Stone and Wood(9:1:1:1) 
Clay, Sand and Stone (6:1:1)        
Average 1213.313.31012.67

We found that reinforcers with a 2:1 ratio is the strongest.

 Explanation of key findings
Our key finding is that the mixtures work the best in a 2:1 ratio. We believe that its because of the uneven layers of clay that caused the material to be stronger. We believe that the wood pulp also played a role in the strength of the bricks as the wood pulp has long fibrous strands which increased the strength of the brick. 

4.3 Evaluation of Hypothesis
The hypothesis is that the independent variable being sawdust will make the dependent variable the best.And its proven,As reinforcing the brick with sawdust made it stonger. 

Areas for improvement
As both time and budget was limited, we could not get cement to make into concrete and cure it, but it shows that any kind of bricks would work,Theres a brick made of cow dung and if we tested with that, it would give more accurate results on the building in slums

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